Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrapbook Insider: Preserving memories and the planet - Salt Lake Tribune

Wow I think someone may have just called us scrapbooking enthusiasts a danger to the planet!!!!

Scrapbook Insider: Preserving memories and the planet - Salt Lake Tribune: says... "let's be honest. A lot of trees are killed in the name of 'preserving' memories. And let's not forget rubber stamping."

The author of the article also mentions: "When my son complained to me that Kimberly Clark depends on clearcut forests for its products, I couldn't help but wonder from where my stacks of scrapbook paper originated."

Is being Environmentally Conscious important to every Scrapbooker out there? Probably not. Should it be, absolutely. So...in the fight to move to a more environmentally friendly Scrapbooking world...lets try to gather a list of places we can shop where we CAN preserve more than just our memories...

(Feel free to add your resources in the comments to this post...OR...on the Card Making and Scrapbooking Resources Group we created).

Scrapbooking for Men~

LOL ladies...nope this one is not about scrapbooking for your MAN - it is about a man getting into scrapbooking. I know that there are a few men on my newsletter list too...but the fact that this gent made the news doing it, kinda made me pay some more attention.

Here's the headline...

"Guys can scrapbook, too
Mike Allen may be unusual, but the husband and dad enjoys preserving the memories."

By Mary Lou Aguirre / The Bee
03/13/08 23:55:28
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VISALIA -- As crafters go, Mike Allen is a rarity. The former high school baseball jock counts himself among the 1% of males active in the hobby of scrapbooking."

To read more about this great guy...please click through here...
FresnoBee.com: South Valley: Guys can scrapbook, too:

What a great little story!

Pop Up Easter Cards! (Egg Shaped)

This one is: Ku-Ku CARD Pop-Up Happy Easter-Egg (Felices Pascuas-Huevo)...

I just love how fast and simple they made this card! We can all do it!!! :)

3-D Easter Cards

From: Let's Make Cards Magazine Issue 13...

Make your own 3D Easter Cards this year! You are going to love these examples...(they are so quick and easy)...

P.S. (I must say this magazine has come a long way since I first started buying it too!).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Easter Scapbooking Ideas! This time with Wraphia!

More Easter Scapbooking Ideas! This time with Wraphia!

Easter is one of the most perfect times to Go WRAPHIA crazy!
I absolutely love Wraphia! I love the texture, the rigidity and the flexibility. I also love that it comes in many different colors now too. (Mostly found at craft stores).

You should love wraphia too - its just way too much fun!

Here's what you can do with Wraphia this easter:

  1. If you have a ring bound scrapbook album; you can tie 2-3 inch pieces of wraphia around the rings (using your own discretion as to how many you use per ring) - to make the rings a little more "fringy"

  2. You can create little bows with it (and glue them randomly throughout your pages (edges are best);

  3. You can weave long strips of it into an easter basket (and glue that to the page); and throw in a whole series of die cut and decorated eggs and other goodies behind it (including photos). See more easter photo scrapbooking ideas here.

  4. You can weave strips of it through wholes along the edges of your pages (to make it look like LONG sewn stitches).

  5. You can tediously (because it will be very time consuming) glue it onto the very bottom edge of your pages to create the appearance of grass. HINT: if you cut your grass strips first, then run a glue runner across the bottom edge of the page; you should be able to quickly stick them all to the glue fairly quickly after that.

And I am sure there are more! But these sure do offer up a good start don't they?

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

7 Unique Photo Ideas for Your Easter Scrapbook Pages

Hi there,

I am just realing with excitement over some of the photo scrapbooking ideas that just "hopped" into my mind like a fluffy easter bunny on a dewy easter morning!

(How's that for easter speak. LOL)

Okay - now onto the real treats...

Here are the exciting ideas that I came up with this week and had to share:

Take (full screen) photo's of all the flowers you possibly can. (Ideally they will match the color theme that you decided upon for your scrapbook); then cut those photo's into little bits and pieces (random shapes and sizes of your choice) and use them as:

  1. Tiles for the outer edges of your pages
  2. a mosiac easter egg shape
  3. Matted photo corners (matting the images looks better than using them as matts)
  4. Centerpieces in between your journalling (and write around it)
  5. a Matt behind your journing...

Take those same photo's and instead of cutting them up into little bits of random shapes and sizes; cut them into LETTERS or numbers (using stencils) - and use them to:

  1. Create your page title
  2. Place randomly around the pages - just for fun...

Have fun with it....

And don't forget to share your images with me! I would love to post them here for everyone to see.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Learn to Quilt Your Scrapbooks!

Hey there...

Just wanted to pop in and let you know about a great new strategy I have learned this week!

You can incorporate the amazing and loveable skills of quilting into scrapbooks!

Yes...you can learn the skills and then make scrapbook album covers, make scrapbook pages, make scrapbook embellishments and so much more - just by knowing how to quilt now. You can even scrapbook quilt patterns - as a great new way to create new layout!

To get started quilting your scrapbooks...please visit Learn To Quilt Now.com and sign up for their newsletter (just to understand the basics). Then adopt whatever you can to make your first quilted scrapbook items!