Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Memorial Scrapbook Pages & Brads (Digital)

I do hope and pray that those of you reading this post are subscribers to my newsletter!!!

(Please leave a comment if you are - just to let me know that you read this! I very much dislike making mistakes like this - but do want to know that you at least got what I promised).

The reason being...I made a boo boo in my last email release for which I am very sorry. I do try hard to double and triple check almost all emails before I send them out, yet...none the less - this one slipped through the cracks.

So - if you were looking for the download link for the Remembrance Day Poppies / Memorial Scrapbook Pages my daughter and I made for you, titled "I Remember Our Soldiers" 2007...

You can download it here.

...again, I am very sorry. I do hope you forgive me. And I do hope that you like the pages now that you have access to them.


In order to use the brads in this digital scrapbooking pack you must have a Digital Scrapbook or Photo Editing Software like Adobe PhotoShop or Print Shop Pro. And you must have some basic knowledge on how to add them to your files and resize them. They are PNG files.

Please also read my copyright statement. It is important to me.

Thank you. And Happy Scrapping!

Free Printer for Your Scrapbooking Efforts?

Anyone interested?

"Win A Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer With Pictures Of Your Favorite Healthy Low-Carb Holiday Foods"

Here are the contest details:

The name of this contest is the Kodak "Picture Perfect Low-Carb Holiday" Photo Shoot and here's what you'll need to do to enter the contest:

1. Take a photograph of the most "picture perfect" healthy low-carb recipe or meal you eat during the holidays. Although it is difficult to eat right at this time of year, we all know it is not impossible. So let's see it by snapping a quick picture of that Thanksgiving Day plate of delicious low-carb food, your best low-carb pie, a homemade low-carb side dish, or whatever else you can think of. Be creative and let's see those beautiful photos!

2. Write a description of 50 words or less of what the photograph is along with why it is healthy. Again, be as creative as you can and let's see some personality.

3. Submit your photo, description, name, and mailing address (no PO Boxes please) to with "PICTURE PERFECT CONTEST" in the subject line no later than Friday, December 14, 2007 at midnight. Winner will be selected and judged on originality, creativity, and personality and subject to a random drawing among the top entries in the event of multiple submissions. ONE PHOTO PER FAMILY PLEASE.

4. All photos submitted will be subject to posting on the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog and family of web sites. Your name and contact information will remain anonymous and only provided to the sponsor if you are selected as the winner. All others will be discarded at the conclusion of the contest.

5. HAVE FUN and be sure to show off how healthy low-carb living can be!

Will you be the lucky winner of this Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer ?

*If you are...please come and leave a comment here - if this is the first place you saw the contest details!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scrapbooking Old Cards; Tips for Preserving the Cards You Can't Throw Out!

It occurred to me today (as I got my first Christmas Card) that the holiday season is upon us again and by then end of this season - we get a LOT of old cards we don't want to throw away.

So...what do we do with them...

Well here are some ideas...

  1. If you don't want to throw them away because they have sentimental value, keep them just as they are and make a Scrapbook devoted to their preservation. Glue the backsides direct to your Scrapbook Pages and place a journaling piece (the same hight as the card) right beside the card.
  2. If you don't want to throw them away because you wish to reuse the covers...bring out the Fiskars Trimmer or Xacto and Cutting Mat and start slicing! Then store them in your organizer for use when you are ready.
  3. Then when you are ready to use the covers...but still want to differentiate them a bit...why not turn them into backgrounds for shaker windows. (Here's how: Create a frame for each card (with a window space large enough to see the best parts of the card); glue acetate to the frame, edge the entire frame with double sided 3D foam tape, toss in a few of your favorite christmas confetti's or beads and then place the card front on the back).
  4. And finally - if the sentiment is the most important - you can trim the cover and toss it, then scan the inside message - and use it however you like on your Scrapbook Pages. (My favorite way to do this is to size them down (to approx. 3"w x 3"h) and then (after gluing them in a tiered (slightly overlapped) fashion to a 3"w x 10" h strip of card stock) create a waterfall effect with them. This way..they can be condensed - and read - all in one place.
Happy Scrapping!

Never Ending Card

"I am on The HUNT for the Best Never Ending Card Directions " on the Net tonight

It's a project for the kids...

Here's what I have so far...

This video...PLUS, I found these...

Home and Garden Television

Victorian Originals

Is that all there is???

What I really want to see is an image of how it all works (not only how it's made).

Do you know of any others...???

How to make a pop up christmas card

Again - with the theme of "cheating" (reducing the time it takes) to make Scrapbooks and Hand Made Cards...

I'd like to introduce one of the quickest ways I have seen to create a pop-up.

Hope you enjoy it.

How to Make Christmas Cards by Hand - Quick!


Once again I have decided to cheat this year.

AND - - I DON'T feel guilty - which is great!

I bought approx. 100 different Holiday NOTE CARDS from Michaels (I couldn't refuse at 10 for $1.50); then I bought matching ribbon and embellishments for them.

By adding my personal touch this way - the cards are still somewhat hand made - and much more valuable than they were originally PLUS I shave LOADS of time off of the cutting and trimming side of things.

I may also stamp, watercolor and accent the envelopes - but that's about it.

In addition to this....I am also working with the KIDS to create their own Hand Made Holiday Cards.

Again, I am cheating by getting pre-printed images (although not cards) - and putting Glitter or Glossy Accents on them. *Although since my daughter is such a creative genius with PhotoShop, I might just get her to create the images we use...HMMMM....

Anyhow...since accenting gives the printed image a new dimension - for CHEAP - the cards will look way better than they would if they were ONLY printed.

I guess the moral here is that cheating (on crafts) can sometimes be a good thing!

I will upload the photo's when I get them done.

Print on Demand Scrapbooking

A new Picaboo perhaps?

It's no secret that I am a big fan of I love how quick and simple the program is. I also love how with programs like Picaboo, I can infuse my love for the "LOOK" of Scrapbooking - into creating a Scrapbook - in WAY LESS TIME.

Lets face it...we are all very busy people. Finding time to Scrapbook is a big issue for many of us.

I love to cheat wherever possible. And I mean this in a good way. If I can incorporate the look and feel of Scrapbooking with the lack of time I have to do it ALL myself...then I am all for it. So...when opportunities like this come along...I jump.

Here's something that you might also be interested in.

New Scrapbook Website Does The Work for You: "Modzy Inc, an online scrapbook retailer has released it's first in the industry web-based scrapbook design software that combines digital and traditional scrapbooking. Use the digital pictures stored on your computer to make a scrapbook and will compile the book and send it to you in the mail."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kids Scrapbooking; Page by My Daughter

Well today brought a very unique turn in direction for me.

At first - I was working on something for my subscribers. I got inspired by a simple - yet very beautiful image of a poppy that my daughter had made.

It was composed of 4 red construction paper hearts - that were glued together on the sheet - with a black dot in the center.

I was taken back by it when she brought it home. If you have subscribed to my scrapbooking newsletter - you will get my renditions of it for free VERY soon. (I am creating the email for my list right now).

So...I started making a few background papers with it...I turned it into a brush -- and then I also made it into it's own brad.

I then showed her that I did this and she asked if she could do one herself. So -- using another project I was working on (with a Japanese Maple Leaf I got from the yard) - my daughter created this pink Scrapbook paper!
If you click on can see a bigger version.

Now...if you can visualize it without the will see the amazing work she did.

Each and every leaf on this pink scrapbook paper was added by her. She even came up with the creative genius to put the lighter and smaller pink leaves into the bigger purple ones.

I was VERY impressed to say the least.

It was a very proud moment for me today.

Because this one is so special...I am not yet sure if I will release it to the public yet...but I will say this...knowing that she can do something like this (at her wee age) tells me that we MUST have a whole world of gifted children out there who may NEVER get to share their gifts if we don't show them how.

*I am now on a mission to find out how I can help them share their gifts too! Got any ideas?

I am so glad I showed her how to do this today.

It's such a feel good day.

P.S. We named this one "Tribute to Tink" (because it reminded her of Tinkerbell). *Don't worry Disney...I am not infringing on your copyrights. But I thank you for inspiring my daughter!