Friday, February 1, 2008

7 Great Ideas for Your Valentines Scrapbooks!

I thought I would try something different today and list some of the most intriguing books I could find on the market to help add something a little different and little more crafty for valentines day scrapbooking!

  1. For Paper CraftsFanatic: Origami from the Heart: Fifteen Fun-to-Fold Greeting Cards and Love Notes for Valentine's Day or Any Day (Book & Paper Kit) by Florence Temko

  2. For the Vintage Scrapbooking Fanatic: Greetings With Love: The Book of Valentines (Architecture) by Michele Karl

  3. For Chronic Writers Block: 1001 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU: An inspirational collection of loving ideas for the man/woman in your life. by Zondervan

  4. For the Poetic: 101 Classic Love Poems (Hardcover)by McGraw-Hill (Author)

  5. For the Romantic: The RoMANtics Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love (Paperback)by Michael Webb

  6. For the Love of Scrapbooking Recipes: Romantic Dinners for Two: Create a Romantic Experience,Easy step by step instructions on how to Wine,Dine and Seduce your lover.Perfect for Valentines (Book & DVD) by Chef Robert & Barb Catherine

  7. For the Parent: I Like Being Me: Poems for Children, About Feeling Special, Appreciating Others, and Getting Along by Judy Lalli and Douglas L. Mason-Fry

Hope you enjoy these!

Scrapbooking Valentines Card

If you have the time and patience to learn a GREAT new hand made card technique for this Valentines can give your loved one a "Fancy Fold Valentines Day card" thanx to Fancy Dawn Griffith!

I absolutely love it! Thank you Dawn!