Saturday, August 23, 2008

Halloween Fun For Kids

Halloween is "creeping" up fast.

If you have been to your local retailers lately you will have seen that annual Halloween Section arise. And even the local bookstores / newstands are starting to display the Collection of Halloween Titles or Special Edition Halloween Magazines.

You simply can not deny that Halloween has arrived.

So what are you going to do for Halloween this year? How are you going to have that Halloween Fun with the Kids?

Will you be playing traditional Halloween Games, making Halloween Crafts or perhaps even putting up the Halloween Decorations that only come out once a year?

Whatever it is you make sure that the kids can participate. Halloween Crafts and Activities are a great way to ensure that this can happen.

Some of the more common crafts that you can do with your children are:

  1. Searching for or brainstorming Halloween Costumes together
  2. Making Halloween Costumes together
  3. Making Halloween Decorations together (I love getting an OLD christmas tree and decorating it with Halloween lights...and Halloween ornaments made by the kids)
  4. Making Halloween Cards together
  5. Making Halloween Scrapbook pages together
  6. Going on out-trips (to pumkin patches, haunted houses, decorated houses etc) to take photo's for their Halloween scrapbook pages
  7. Playing Halloween Games together
  8. or even Creating Halloween Games together
  9. Making Halloween Treats / Deserts or Recipes together
  10. Plus you can write Halloween stories together

Have fun with it.

P.S. Feel free to get more ideas here: or here:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Halloween Scrapbooking Activities

I just came back from a long overdue shopping excursion to Michael's only to be caught off guard by all of the "spooky" sounds and goulish display of halloween stuff.

I couldn't believe that summer has barely ended - and yet Halloween is in full effect. Its not like I didn't expect it - it just made me wonder "where all the time had gone" to? that I have accepted that Halloween is just around the corner - I guess its time to get the planning started.

This year I intend to scrapbook more!

I created my tombstone scrapbook album covers last year - but still have all of the paper and supplies left to do the pages.

I even started gathering all of the photo's I wanted to throw in there - until I had realized that I didn't really have that many photo's after all.

I wanted to plan a "costume" night with the kids - and have them dress up in every costume they ever had so that I could take photo's with them in them...but then the time subsided.

Now, my son's birthday is close to Halloween so naturally every year I do create at least a Halloween themed party invitation and possibly even Halloween themed goody bags. But somehow along the way the idea of getting the kids attending the party in full costume gets shuffled aside in order to give them room to play like boys like to play (free of restriction).

But this year - I think I am going to go all out. I would love to build a haunted house and have a whole gang of kids in costume playing spooky games.

In fact I have a whole book of spooky halloween party games on my Halloween site - that the kids always play at school - but NEVER yet at the birthday party.

I can just imagine the great photo's I would get from such an event. And how great that Halloween Scrapbook would be.

Are you planning any Halloween Scrapbooking Activies this year? I would love some ideas if you have any....I want to go all out this year.