Sunday, January 27, 2008

Romantic Scrapbooking for Valentines Day

So...we are edging closer and closer to that special day!

You know the one day of the year where it is perfectly acceptable to express your true love and devotion to the special someone(s) in your life (yes, even your children) and it can be done as elaborately as you wish!

Yep, you can plaster the word LOVE all over your Romantic Scrapbooking Pages - and cards. You can use all of those beautiful heart images and stamps that tend to sit around all year because there is normally not a "valid enough" reason to use them!
(At least that's what happens with my stuff).

Yes, I use flowers a lot. But hearts seem like overkill sometimes. So does the word love.

But don't we all WANT to express our "heartfelt" thoughts with LOVE titles and stamps! Just because they are so beautiful?
So what better time than Valentines day.

Are you working on anything special this year? Or are you looking for Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas that you haven't seen yet?

Care to share?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Please Say Hello

I'd love to hear your story!

So...I have been writing in this blog for almost half a year now and I know that I get lots of visits to it and from it (to my website)...but what I don't know yet is who my readers are...

Can you please take a moment to introduce yourself via the "was this helpful" link below this post. I would love to say hello back. :o)