Friday, May 30, 2008

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Parents Magazine (Click on the left to get 1 year for FREE!) just released their Top 10 Trends list for 2008 and this one excited me most!

(How great would the stories be in a scrapbook about bringing your child to work with you! You would get so many quotes from co-workers as well as great photo ops that you would NEVER get anywhere else...just don't forget to bring the journal and camera). Check out their article below:

Better Work-Life Balance: Babies at the Office

Can't bear to leave baby in daycare when maternity leave ends? Increasing numbers of employers are now embracing the practice of bringing babies to work. "As recently as 2006, companies tended not to publicize their programs because each assumed it was an isolated thing," says Carla Moquin, founder of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, which maintains an ever-growing list of 70-plus employers that officially permit infants at work. "But now more groups are coming forward with this solution, which they view as a win-win for everyone."

Companies get to retain valuable, talented employees, and new parents don't miss out on bonding time with baby. "At an informal, family-type business, mom might nurse at her desk, while more conservative organizations may convert an unused office to a quiet room for feeding and settling down crying babies," says Moquin. Programs are usually conditional on the parent being able to complete her usual workload -- and on baby being quiet enough to allow coworkers to be productive, says Moquin. (Translation: This may mean leaving baby in daycare or with another caretaker occasionally to attend meetings or plow through big projects.) And most employers stipulate that once babies start crawling or walking, parents should make other arrangements.

Trend Tip: Many companies haven't added this to the official HR rulebooks yet, but may make arrangements on a case-by-case basis. If you're curious, it can't hurt to ask!