Friday, June 20, 2008

How About Publishing Your Scrapbooks?

I found this article today (as a Reggae Music lover myself) and my mind expanded by leaps and bounds. Have you ever thought about publishing your scrapbook albums? Going to hard cover or print? If you have - but have yet to do aretwo great resources for you: or ; both of these sites provide PRINT ON DEMAND services where you can post your electronic scrapbook up to their site - choose a cover (or create one) and BOOM - you have a BOOK FOR SALE!

Here' s the article that peaked my interest...

Reggae Scrapbook the Best Music Book of 2007 - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM:

"Reggae music and the Jamaican culture have been given another boost with the recent recognition of Reggae Scrapbook as the Best Music Book of 2007, having won the Silver Medal at the Los Angeles annual Book Expo of America (BEA) .

The book, written by well known musicologist and reggae historian, Roger Steffens and photojournalist, Peter Simon known for his acclaimed Reggae Bloodline, has been receiving rave reviews for its colourful archival value and worth with tremendous memorabilia interspersed with magnificent photographers and historical data on the music."