Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The worst day ever!

So, I am pretty sure that if there was a contest for the worst day ever - I believe today for me takes the cake and I had to share it.

So my morning starts of with my childs schoolbus flat out leaving us behind. We were one minute early for regular pick up - but due to a series of circumstances that lead to this I had to then take my daughter to school myself which is not exactly close to my home - in fact it's approx 20 minutes away from my home; so I had to take a leave from my work. (When time is MONEY - I also LOST money on this one!!!)

So, okay...the 20 minutes had to be done, and would have been fine at the end of the day had I NOT taken the wrong turn onto the highway and overshot the distance by nearly 40kms! YIKES! Now we tack on another 15 minutes to the drive! OUCH!

Then after I drop my daughter off, I proceed to take my son to his father so that he could get him to emergency (due to a growing bug that kept getting chalked up to a traditional virus) while I go to meet the executives at my office.

I was late for this meeting - which is never a good idea anyhow. One executive must bow out. :o( OMG as if this could be any worse!

By the time it's all said and done, meeting is over I am making my way back home - - it's now 4 hours since my son has been at the hospital and still no real results.

Now I know that some of you may be thinking aw no big deal - stuff happens and we just have to deal with it - but it does get worse.

I get home from my meeting to find a plastic wrap and green painters tape temporarily patching up HOLE in the celing of my main hallway!

We had a contractor working in our attic while we were all away: he tripped over a wire and BAM! Through the roof his leg goes. I had to laugh at this point or I'd start to bawl! Then I move further into the house to find another crack in the celing (luckily only where the hatch to the attic is)... I will post photos very soon (after I scrapbook this whole ordeal!)!

THEN....I have to do the errand dance for after school drop off's and gymnastics - which once again I take the WRONG road for and off I go in a direction I don't belong and I am late for this class too!

Finally - when I had the chance to settle - I crash. (Not the car...I guess that would have been the icing on the cake though - wouldn't it) ....no instead, I take a nap in the car because all of the composure I kept throughout the day ....

Coming home to no dinner and a sink and counter full of dishes wasn't fun either.... but I sucked it up and made it work - all while running myself a LONG OVERDUE, WELL NEEDED bubble bath!...

Thank goodness for the peace and serenty of candlelit soaks alone!!!!

But for now - let me ask you - how was your day?

Friday, September 18, 2009

I need a new CuttleBug Machine!

Ladies and Gentleman - I am on a mission! I need a new Cuttlebug Die Cutting machine but cannot find one ANYWHERE! It's incredible how popular this genius of a paper crafts machine this is!

Had I known they would be sold out everywhere - I would have bought 2 or 3 last time so that I would never ever be without one.

If anyone knows of where I can get one at an excellent price (they currently range between $50 and $100 out here) - please let me know....

Thanx - you are all wonderful!