Monday, November 19, 2007

Kids Scrapbooking; Page by My Daughter

Well today brought a very unique turn in direction for me.

At first - I was working on something for my subscribers. I got inspired by a simple - yet very beautiful image of a poppy that my daughter had made.

It was composed of 4 red construction paper hearts - that were glued together on the sheet - with a black dot in the center.

I was taken back by it when she brought it home. If you have subscribed to my scrapbooking newsletter - you will get my renditions of it for free VERY soon. (I am creating the email for my list right now).

So...I started making a few background papers with it...I turned it into a brush -- and then I also made it into it's own brad.

I then showed her that I did this and she asked if she could do one herself. So -- using another project I was working on (with a Japanese Maple Leaf I got from the yard) - my daughter created this pink Scrapbook paper!
If you click on can see a bigger version.

Now...if you can visualize it without the will see the amazing work she did.

Each and every leaf on this pink scrapbook paper was added by her. She even came up with the creative genius to put the lighter and smaller pink leaves into the bigger purple ones.

I was VERY impressed to say the least.

It was a very proud moment for me today.

Because this one is so special...I am not yet sure if I will release it to the public yet...but I will say this...knowing that she can do something like this (at her wee age) tells me that we MUST have a whole world of gifted children out there who may NEVER get to share their gifts if we don't show them how.

*I am now on a mission to find out how I can help them share their gifts too! Got any ideas?

I am so glad I showed her how to do this today.

It's such a feel good day.

P.S. We named this one "Tribute to Tink" (because it reminded her of Tinkerbell). *Don't worry Disney...I am not infringing on your copyrights. But I thank you for inspiring my daughter!

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