Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Memorial Scrapbook Pages & Brads (Digital)

I do hope and pray that those of you reading this post are subscribers to my newsletter!!!

(Please leave a comment if you are - just to let me know that you read this! I very much dislike making mistakes like this - but do want to know that you at least got what I promised).

The reason being...I made a boo boo in my last email release for which I am very sorry. I do try hard to double and triple check almost all emails before I send them out, yet...none the less - this one slipped through the cracks.

So - if you were looking for the download link for the Remembrance Day Poppies / Memorial Scrapbook Pages my daughter and I made for you, titled "I Remember Our Soldiers" 2007...

You can download it here.

...again, I am very sorry. I do hope you forgive me. And I do hope that you like the pages now that you have access to them.


In order to use the brads in this digital scrapbooking pack you must have a Digital Scrapbook or Photo Editing Software like Adobe PhotoShop or Print Shop Pro. And you must have some basic knowledge on how to add them to your files and resize them. They are PNG files.

Please also read my copyright statement. It is important to me.

Thank you. And Happy Scrapping!

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