Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrapbooking for Men~

LOL ladies...nope this one is not about scrapbooking for your MAN - it is about a man getting into scrapbooking. I know that there are a few men on my newsletter list too...but the fact that this gent made the news doing it, kinda made me pay some more attention.

Here's the headline...

"Guys can scrapbook, too
Mike Allen may be unusual, but the husband and dad enjoys preserving the memories."

By Mary Lou Aguirre / The Bee
03/13/08 23:55:28
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VISALIA -- As crafters go, Mike Allen is a rarity. The former high school baseball jock counts himself among the 1% of males active in the hobby of scrapbooking."

To read more about this great guy...please click through here...
FresnoBee.com: South Valley: Guys can scrapbook, too:

What a great little story!

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