Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrapbook Insider: Preserving memories and the planet - Salt Lake Tribune

Wow I think someone may have just called us scrapbooking enthusiasts a danger to the planet!!!!

Scrapbook Insider: Preserving memories and the planet - Salt Lake Tribune: says... "let's be honest. A lot of trees are killed in the name of 'preserving' memories. And let's not forget rubber stamping."

The author of the article also mentions: "When my son complained to me that Kimberly Clark depends on clearcut forests for its products, I couldn't help but wonder from where my stacks of scrapbook paper originated."

Is being Environmentally Conscious important to every Scrapbooker out there? Probably not. Should it be, absolutely. So...in the fight to move to a more environmentally friendly Scrapbooking world...lets try to gather a list of places we can shop where we CAN preserve more than just our memories...

(Feel free to add your resources in the comments to this post...OR...on the Card Making and Scrapbooking Resources Group we created).

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