Tuesday, March 11, 2008

7 Unique Photo Ideas for Your Easter Scrapbook Pages

Hi there,

I am just realing with excitement over some of the photo scrapbooking ideas that just "hopped" into my mind like a fluffy easter bunny on a dewy easter morning!

(How's that for easter speak. LOL)

Okay - now onto the real treats...

Here are the exciting ideas that I came up with this week and had to share:

Take (full screen) photo's of all the flowers you possibly can. (Ideally they will match the color theme that you decided upon for your scrapbook); then cut those photo's into little bits and pieces (random shapes and sizes of your choice) and use them as:

  1. Tiles for the outer edges of your pages
  2. a mosiac easter egg shape
  3. Matted photo corners (matting the images looks better than using them as matts)
  4. Centerpieces in between your journalling (and write around it)
  5. a Matt behind your journing...

Take those same photo's and instead of cutting them up into little bits of random shapes and sizes; cut them into LETTERS or numbers (using stencils) - and use them to:

  1. Create your page title
  2. Place randomly around the pages - just for fun...

Have fun with it....

And don't forget to share your images with me! I would love to post them here for everyone to see.

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