Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Easter Scapbooking Ideas! This time with Wraphia!

More Easter Scapbooking Ideas! This time with Wraphia!

Easter is one of the most perfect times to Go WRAPHIA crazy!
I absolutely love Wraphia! I love the texture, the rigidity and the flexibility. I also love that it comes in many different colors now too. (Mostly found at craft stores).

You should love wraphia too - its just way too much fun!

Here's what you can do with Wraphia this easter:

  1. If you have a ring bound scrapbook album; you can tie 2-3 inch pieces of wraphia around the rings (using your own discretion as to how many you use per ring) - to make the rings a little more "fringy"

  2. You can create little bows with it (and glue them randomly throughout your pages (edges are best);

  3. You can weave long strips of it into an easter basket (and glue that to the page); and throw in a whole series of die cut and decorated eggs and other goodies behind it (including photos). See more easter photo scrapbooking ideas here.

  4. You can weave strips of it through wholes along the edges of your pages (to make it look like LONG sewn stitches).

  5. You can tediously (because it will be very time consuming) glue it onto the very bottom edge of your pages to create the appearance of grass. HINT: if you cut your grass strips first, then run a glue runner across the bottom edge of the page; you should be able to quickly stick them all to the glue fairly quickly after that.

And I am sure there are more! But these sure do offer up a good start don't they?

Happy Scrapping!

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