Sunday, September 30, 2007

Xyron Halloween Card Making

Got a great new project outline for making Halloween Cards today. Came in from Xyron. Uses Xyron Wishblade. *You can view the video for this hand made Halloween Card idea here.


STEP 1 Trim orange cardstock to two 8 ½ by 5 ½ inch pieces. Trim back cardstock to fit just inside back cover, to approximately 4 by 5 ¼ inches.

STEP 2 Using Xyron Wishblade, cut the word "Scary" into the orange cardstock.

STEP 3 Using Design Runner, the ruler from the Design Runner Accessory kit, and the Junkitz Patternz disk, print a row of bats in a straight line across the bottom of the front of the card under the word "scary."

STEP 4 Fold the card in half.

STEP 5 Tie ribbon around the front of the card, starting on the inside and ending with a knot over the word “scary.”

STEP 6 Using 3/8" adhesive runner, attach black cardstock behind the word "scary" on the inside of card. Be sure to only run adhesive around the edges or it will show through the word on the front. This piece of cardstock also helps hold the ribbon in place.

STEP 7 Use white pen to draw a scary face on the inside of one of the cut out letters.

STEP 8 Personalize the inside of the card with a greeting or invitation information.

Happy Card Making!

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