Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free Halloween Party Invitations

Well we are quickly coming up to that time of year again.

Halloween, Hallow's Eve, The Day of The Dead - whatever you wish to call it; it is on its way.

We just came home from a birthday party today where the Goody Bag (which was a trick or treat bag of course) included a Halloween Mask ("a cow" to be specific).

My daughter immediately put it on and walked around the house Mooo'ing to all of us. It was very cute. got me thinking about my son's upcoming birthday party (in late October).

It will be a Halloween Themed Party I am sure (he asks for that every year); where I suspect we will play more of our "proprietary" Halloween Games, we will have our own supply of Halloween Treats in the Goody Bags and we will use Halloween Cake Decorations.

But it all starts with the Halloween Invitations.

*I would love to take advantage of Michael's 40% off sale to get a Xyron Wishblade - or a CuttleBug Machine to make the cards...but I am not sure if I want to buy all of the associated Halloween Stencils or Dies - just for this (plus will I reuse the same ones again next year??? - probably not). Anyhow...

I may want to just want to keep it easy and stick with my traditional method of digitally designing the Halloween Party Invitations designs and then printing them.

I create them every year myself. And they get rave reviews. But they do take longer to make.

You can get them for free if you purchase this "Ultimate Halloween Party Games" eBook and it's accompanying bonuses.

But anyhow... I really can not decide this year.

These new desktop and digital die cut systems have great templates and they are so quick to turn out a project!

Both digital and hand made invitations give me a lot of joy and are quite fun to do...but what do you think? Can you help me out here?

Should I make Halloween Party Invitations with die cut systems or make another digital design this year?

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