Monday, October 1, 2007

A Moment In Time Scrapbooking

Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to take in the beauty of life around us. We lose touch of precious moments in time. The memories fade. The "feelings" subside. And there is no longer a source for capturing life's simple moments as keepsakes.

You know... those moments - where scrapbooking can provide incredibly powerful preservation.

Like this one...the other day. My children came home from school - and told a tale that marked a pivotal moment in their lives.

My son (8 years old) had invited my daughter (5 years old - and new to the school) to play soccer with he and his friends at lunch.

Apparently one of the boys took a bit of issue with this and told my daughter she couldn't play. Well of course, she was devastated. Her heart was crushed. And her soul had taken a bit of a beating. soon as my son had realized that this happened, he stormed directly over to the young gentleman who broke my daughters heart - and said "Oh, she's playing! I invited her - and she will play. And - don't ever talk to my sister like that again!".

He stood up for her!!! He became the big brother that we all dream our sons will be!

It still brings tears to my eye - even though the moment was sometime a week or two ago.

But, have I made a page about it yet? No! And yes, I am ashamed. I will do it. Especially now that I have documented this moment. But my days and nights are so busy that scrapbooking just doesn't seem to be an option.

So - it bids well as a reminder to myself and to those of you who have become loyal to my blog...

We must remember to document those moments in time for scrapbooking.

Even if we just write about them - in a journal - with the intent to scrapbook them later; at least we have our memories preserved. At least we can relive the story like it was yesterday again. At least we can call upon them when we are ready to breath a more colorful life to them!

At least we can relive the moments in time that break through the chaos of a busy life and make us stop and appreciate that which normally tends to pass us by.

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