Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some more Digital Scrapbook Layouts

What I especially like about these ones is that I asked both my son and my daughter to help me out by creating the images that inspired the pages.

For the "Basketball Diaries" page, my son drew the basketball that I have incorporated into the background paper and the main image center.

I scanned his drawing and turned it into a photoshop brush! That's it that's all.

Of course...I did go to town a bit on the "filters" side of things by texturizing the basketball with sandpaper pattern, and drop shadowing it. Oh and I used a brad I created for another set. And of course, I pasted my images "into" the open spaces of the main basketball.

Then, for the "You are My Sunshine" page - my daughter (5 years old) drew the sun that you see in the center. I turned that into a brush also.

I then created the doodle art flower background out of a flower embellishment I had made previously. AND, I created my own stitching brush (that you can see around the blue denim overlay across the top).

I am loving this. Its so rewarding and hightens our bonds greatly!

I highly recommend that you do this too if you enjoy working with Photo Editing Programs and creating your own digital scrapbooking elements.

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