Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creating my own Digital Scrapbooking Elements.

Well, this month marks a very exciting shift for me in the Scrapbooking Arena.

I was getting ready to write my latest Scrapbooking Newsletter about "What is Digital Scrapbooking" when I got completely sidetracked.

I started thinking of some unique things I could SHARE in that email - and all of a sudden found myself playing around with Photo Shop.

Now, normally playing in PhotoShop is somewhat quick and easy for me. I have been using it for years for basic graphic arts - but this time, I started getting really creative with making my own background papers, titles and page elements.

Inspired by Manilla Folders - the Tabbed Matting behind the photo's came to life. Then it felt empty - so the pinkish brad came to life.

All of a sudden I created an entire library of new layouts - with my new background pages, my new title and many new page elements. Needless to say...some really cool stuff came of it.

And I had a LOT of fun.

I was once very dismayed by Digital Scrapbooking because I didn't have the freedom I was used to with the Digital Scrapbooking Software(s) I tried. Now...I am ALL OVER IT! short...I am on a mission to expand my horizons and I can't wait to share the new stuff I come up with!!!

*Please tell me what you think.

Regards, Cijaye.

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