Friday, September 14, 2007

Intro to Scrapbooking - Grand Opening Special!

Grand Opening Special Offer!

In celebration of opening this blog, I am offering a HUGE discount on my very first eBook!

Yes - I have written a few other eBooks on Scrapbooking since this one - but it is the Introduction to Scrapbooking (for beginner scrapbookers). No Scrapbooking Magazine, Book or Website on the planet has explained it better!

*I know - because my buyers have told me!

The regular retail value is : $17.99 - however to celebrate the opening of this blog, I have devised a special Promotion: $5.99 (For Beginners Only).

" With this book you will "Learn how and why we Scrap Book - and ideas on what we can do with our projects - beyond Scrapbooking!"

Yes, that's also true. Your Scrapbooking skills do not have to end at Scrapbooking Albums, Layouts or Pages. You can do so much more with your Scrapbooking Supplies! You can make handmade cards, party invitations, framed wall images, coasters, journals and so much more! Learn all that you can now - with this unbeatable offer!

Promotion: $5.99 (For Beginners Only)

Promotion Has Ended. Thank you to all of you who purchased!

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