Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scrapbook Products

So, now that Disney is behind us (even though I dream of being back there - every single day) and now that Halloween is behind us...it's time to utilize this SMALL window I have before moving on to all the wonder and joy of Christmas.

I am still in search of a few good scrapbook products. In particular I am searching for scrapbook frames, scrapbook embellishments, scrapbook journaling ideas, and all in all just some great scrapbook materials or scrapbook supplies that are Disney and Halloween themed.

If I could find Disney Halloween Scrapbook Products - that would be perfect.

Yes, I can make many of my own with photoshop- and I guess if I am not reselling them - I would not be infringing too much on copyright laws....

But if there is a Scrapbook Store or better yet - a Scrapbook Supplies store that has these I would be much happier to avoid the legalities (let alone the time it will take) and purchase them myself.

So if you know of any Scrapbook Store where I might be able to find - Disney Halloween Themed Scrapbook Product or Scrapbook Materials Supplies - (especially some great Scrapbook Frames) please drop me a line and let me know.

I am on a mission here and I need your help!!!!

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