Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disneyland was Magical!

Just wanted to jump in real quick and let you all know that Disneyland really is the Happiest Place on Earth! There is just something about it that makes you want to just have fun...or better yet - refuse to be anything but happy.

My kids were superbly behaved...and as a result, hubby and I enjoyed every single moment of the trip. So much so that when we left - we were already planning the next trip back.

I have done two disney digital scrapbook images so far. And I do look forward to doing more...but time is a bit of a gonner for me as I bring in my birthday, the flu and my son's upcoming birthday.

Now it's time to start thinking HALLOWEEN again.

(My son's birthday party is always Halloween Themed).

There weren't a lot of Scrapbook Products at Disney. (Other than stickers and a few charms). I was quite disappointed. But that aside....I have to start collecting as much Jack Skellington decorations as possible as well - since my son has fallen in love with him since leaving the Tower of Terror (crazy ride by the way).

If you happen to know of any specialty stores where they would sell Jack Skellington party supplies, please let me know.

Ciao for now.

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