Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Make a Scrapbook

This question is asked in the groups, forums, QnA sites and such - quite often. The answers of course will vary from expert to expert...but overall...it breaks down into two parts:

  1. The album itself. (You know the hard covers that hold the entire scrapbook together).
  2. The scrapbook pages.
Realistically - that's all there is to it. However...scrapbooking is an art form and artists are not always realists. In fact - some of the best artists on the planet - became famous because of their ability to take the mind on a journey and transform reality within visual matter.

Your scrapbook would be the same.

So if you want to know how to make a scrapbook - you must first ask yourself - "what FORM would that take for me"?

Scrapbook albums can come in many shapes and sizes for example. They can be created from scratch, transformed from one object into a scrapbook or purchased as produced right from the shelves.

The best part is - you (as the artist) get to decide!

Once the FORM has been determined - your contents need to work within that form. If you have created a mini album from a CD holder for example - you must figure out how to make a scrapbook page that fits in the holder envelopes. Same goes for matchbook albums (which you create from scratch) and paper bag albums...

You have to work WITH the form.

Now...all of this is assuming that you are making a paper based scrapbook. But there are also digital scrapbook's and print on demand scrapbooks.

Both which can take on a life of their own as well....

But lets start with your form (scrapbook). What is it? What shape and size is it? Do you have an idea in mind that you wish to share and get feedback on?

Feel free to leave a comment and get others involved. This blog does get a decent amount of readers each day - as well as contributors. I am sure we would all be happy to share.

Happy scrapbooking to you!

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