Friday, April 18, 2008

Mother Scrapbook for Mothers Day!

Huh? What?

Mother Scrapbook for Mothers Day...

What is that?

It's the Mother of All Scrapooks of Course! Who better than your own mother (whom you have known all your life) can you scrapbook about? Who better to appreciate that scrapbook? Imagine how VAST the amount of material you can put in that book. And how incredibly overwhelmed with emotion your mom will be when you present her with such an amazing gift from the heart.

So...what do you put in this book - if you don't have ideas yet...
  1. The Mother of All Cover's - with a LARGE title with the word MOM, MOTHER or MOM and ME...and possible even a photo of just your mom or the two of you.

  2. The best Mother Poem or Mother Quote you can find. You know...the one that best describes the relationship you have with your mother or the type of mother your mom really is...

  3. An amazing FULL PAGE (8. x 11) photo of you and your mom (if you didn't already put that on the cover). And if you don't have one...why not put in a gift certificate to a local photo studio to make sure you GET ONE!

  4. Then...what about a copy of your birth certificate? And other random items that you may have kept from the day of birth? (Do you know where your hospital bracelet is? Or your height and weight chart? Or what about the very first photo?).

  5. AND...can you find hers? Does someone, somewhere have your mothers birthing memorabilia? Can you get ahold of it and include it in your scrapbook album?

  6. Can you do a side by side layout of the two of your birth memorabilia?
  7. Then what about the early days photos? Do you have those?

  8. Or copies of your report cards? Or even hers? (Looking back at some of the teachers comments - I bet you could create some great TITLES or even Journal bits inspired by them)

  9. You can also include grad and wedding photo's for her or both of you. And even finish the book with photo's of your mothers grandchildren. OR...if you are not quite there least you can finish this mothers day scrapbook album off with a great mothers day wish!

What do you wish for your mom on mothers day?

Wouldn't it be nice for you to share that wish with her. Let her know how much you want for her to have all the wonderful things in life?

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