Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mad at Heidi Swapp or Stacy Julian?

Apparently there were a lot of dissatisfied customers recently who paid for a recent Big Picture Scrapbooking / A Year to Remember class online class offered by Stacy Julian.

The story unfolds itself here.

And according to this post: "It was like a snowball rolling downhill, gathering more and more momentum."

But what I want to know is what was the issue? Are people mad because they spent $300.00? Are they mad because the didn't like the contents of the kit? Are they mad about delivery? Or was it everything. And why?

Is it really possible that something offered by such a reputable company could have gone so horribly wrong that people can't stop talking about it?

I even understand that there are some complaints about how they handled the after effects??? Sounds like a huge mess. I do feel bad for everyone involved. But would love to know what really happened.

Can you please shed some light here?

I did not partake in that class nor am I a registered member of Big Picture Scrapbooking.

But I certainly do not want to be in Stacy Julian's nor Heidi Swapp's place right now. Nor do I ever want to repeat the mistakes they did to make so many of their loyal customers angry.

Were you one of the "very unhappys"? Or do you know someone who was? Please leave your comments if you were.


  1. Yeah - I am so mad I can't even talk about this!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I understand that you may have encountered a less than pleasurable experience with this particular Scrapbooking class and that does suck a lot.

    But if you shared "why" with us - we can all learn from the experience what not to "buy into" down the road.

    Besides...your post in anonymous - which means even if you said some thing that you didn't want your name attached to --- no one would ever know it was you.

    So please feel free to come back and share what happened.

    It will help our readers greatly.

    Thank you.


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