Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween Scrapbook Page Ideas

I found Pet Taylor online today! He (yes he) is a designer and Paper Craft professional of 20 years. He has a blog, that hasn't been updated for over a year now...but on his blog - he shared a great little tip for titling on black paper and I thought - well....since Halloween is just around the corner...why not share this with you and see if you will share your adaptation of MY IDEA (inspired by Pet) ...with me.

So...here's the summary...

On this page...Pet Taylor uses Black Paper and colored Gel Pens to create an eye catching title for a scrapbook page. He says:

"I ruled lines on black card using a pencil and drew some hollow letters. It was easy to make these lines of writing end up at the same place. I wrote the words out roughly on a scrap piece of paper first so I knew how much space they were likely to take up. As the lines were nearly the same length I knew they had to end up perfectly alligned, so on the second one I wrote 'pic' first, then matched up the 'c' of nic under the y and worked backwards, then finally added the hyphen. The coloring was done with gel-pens. I'm not sure how long the ink will last, but I'm sure it'll be for a long time. This design only works because there is very little black left in the spaces between letters. The texture is actually made up of little clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals, with the letter outline color matching the texture color."

Now...can you see how you might adopt this "idea" and create your own very cool Halloween Scrapbook Page Titles with black paper and orange or green gel pens? Or, what about using a silver pen changing the swirls Pet used - to spider webbing or bats? Or a red pen and drawing blood everywhere?

I bet it would be a blast! You could even get your kids involved with the designs around the letters. I can't wait to do this with my kids. I know they will love it!

*Oh and if you want your kids to host some Fun Halloween Parties or introduce some great Halloween Games to their friends this year AND if you want to scrapbook it all (including the great recipes you make for them) please visit our Halloween Games For Kids site - there are lots of great goodies to be found!

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. I read with great interest the halloween scrapbook page Ideas and thought it was excelent and it gave me some very good ideas and will use them as always you have given me so much help with scrapping I feel as if I have been doing it for ages and I have actually only just started after I came back from Canada in May.

  2. Thank you Jenny,

    You are such a dear. And I am so pleased that you continue to appreciate the information that I share.

    P.S. I think you are an awesome Scrapbooker now! The photo's you and your sister have sent me are fabulous!


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