Sunday, November 15, 2009

Come Interact with Us

For quite some time now, as we have been developing the home site for Scrapbooking we've had the comments sections turned off. This was for many reasons - but mostly to build out a robust spam blocking system so that when our visitors got to our site they would get valuable content in the scrapbooking articles we share but also within the comments sections.

This was not without errors. As with any site (especially new ones) there are bound to be little issues, bugs or fires to deal with here and there. Yesterday we fixed one of those and as a result our comments sections are now LIVE!

That means that if you visit Scrapbooking from this day forward - and you are inspired, intriqued or even confused about something in our Scrapbooking Articles, you can leave a comment and we will answer it!

We have seen fantastic success since this feature got enabled and we would love to see more. But we do need help. Just check out this page referring to our Interview with Cathy Zielske (formerly of Simple Scrapbooking, now with Big Picture Scrapbooking and Designer Digitals); and this page "A Public Review of Die Cutting Machines" - they are both great examples of how others just like you are getting involved. And getting value!

You see we are here for YOU! Unlike other scrapbooking sites out there (not all)....what you want from Scrapbooking right now, is what matters to us. We're not just throwing up our own latest creations or trying to feed YOU with product suggestions or project confinements that you don't need. We want to give you a VOICE. You can search the entire site using the search box in the top right corner when you get there, and you will most likely find what you are looking for...and if you don't find EXACTLY what you are looking for - we will deliver it by way of answering your comments. order for this to work...

We need YOUR comments. We need YOUR questions.
We need YOUR interaction.

If you like what we share here on this Scrapbooking Mini-Blog - just wait until you get to the big site, Scrapbooking There is a lot more in store for you there. And there is a lot more to come.

So please visit the home site of Scrapbooking and let us know how you feel. You can even comment on our site if you wish, simply pick a page to comment from and go for it.

We are devoted to your needs in scrapbooking.

Happy Scrapping, Cijaye DePradine.

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