Monday, December 3, 2007

Try Backwards Scrapbooking for Christmas

I got the inspiration for this Holiday Scrapbook post from It was a recent addition to their frequent list of articles; but it was dedicated to Thanksgiving. suggestion is...why not apply the same techniques for your holiday scrapbooking this year. Its basically a 3 step process and great for beginners. Here's how it works:

Pick a Sketch - Choose a sketch from the three new free sketches in this week’s gallery, or from the many other layout galleries containing sketches on Scrapbooking.

Snap Your Photos - As you gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving (or any other event that is important to you such as holidays, birthdays, or even everyday moments such as playing at the local park) take the photos you will need to fit the sketch.

Prepare to Journal - Jot down some notes for filling in the journaling boxes on your scrapbook page design.

When the event is over, print your photos and complete the scrapbook page.

To learn more, Click here to Try Backwards Scrapbooking for Christmas .

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