Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tombstone Scrapbook Album

So, we are now days away from Halloween and we will have ton's of great Scrapbooking opportunities to play with.

We can photograph any of the following:

  • The candy we buy (makes for a great edge to edge photo)
  • The spooky decorations we put up
  • The costumes our children put on
  • The trick or treaters that come to the door (only the masked ones - unless you get their parents conscent - and are willing to email them the finished pages)
  • The fireworks displays we see
  • The fairs and festivals around town
  • The haunted houses we visit
  • The halloween dances we attend
  • etc.

But then what? Is a pretty fabric Scrapbook Album going to do the job we want as a cover piece? Probably here is a suggestion.

Halloween Tombstone Scrapbook
Project Details:

Why not get at least 2 large pieces of chipboard and trim them into tombstones?

A simple one with rounded corners would be best, since it would then make it easier to trim and decorate the internal pages the same shape as well.

  1. Then you can punch holes along the top or the sides (and do the same, at the same place for the inside pages) and enclose them with standard office O' Rings - and tie black or even Halloween Printed Ribbon through the rings.
  2. Next use a grey background paper, or gray acrylic paint, decorate the covers.
  3. Print, stamp or stencil the R.I.P and "In Memory of Halloween, 2007" on the front cover - with spooky lettering
  4. And then using black distressing ink - distress the edges.
  5. And complete the internal pages with the same "spooky" theme.

You could also get really creative with red embossing pens and powder OR red glitter glue OR red pen and glossy accents - to create shiny red blood drops on the front cover and inside pages.

You can even glue black silk flowers to the bottom of the front cover or internal pages.

OR if you have some...decoupage glue would be an awesome finish for the covers - giving it that textured look and feel that a "spooky" tombstone might have.

Gotta love it!

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Happy Haunted Scrapping!

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  1. I love your ideas for scrapbooking Halloween. So often we just think to take pictures of the kids in their costumes. The album idea for Halloween is terrific as well.


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