Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Danny O Bottle Cap Brads

It's amazing how small but significantly grand our world is.

I was working with a colleague last week - with whom I happened to share my website address with...and all of a sudden...he says...

"Hey! I know someone that you have to know! He's been a friend for years. He's a very well known artist - and just so happens to make Scrapbook products."

So, I get the introduction to this fellow via email. And due to my busy schedule - did not get back to him today. But...on the weekend, I was browsing through the vast expanse of isles in Michaels Craft Store, picking up project sheets - and right there on one of the sheets was this gentleman's products. So...I had to recognize the SIGNS and make a conscious effort to introduce you to him.

His name is Danny O. His products are distributed by K&Company - and they are very cool! They are mostly designed with boys in mind - which is great - because there is much less inventory of boy scrapbook products than there are girls.

But what I like most about Danny's work - is the bright colors. I absolutely LOVE brights and he does an outstanding job with them.

Here on this post I have displayed one of my favorite of his products - the "Bottle Cap Brads". Please visit his site and browse through the rest of his products and see if there is anything else you like.

I bet you will find something!

Happy Scrapping!

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